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Multiple data sources, manual entry, unstructured workflows, and outdated tracking methods are all creating inefficient processes in your organization.

When it comes to bureau monitoring, the consequences for missing a circular can be costly. That’s why we’ve developed the first technology of its kind that is guaranteed to create efficiencies, free up resources, and create uniform processes that keep you compliant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing for is based on the bureaus, states, and lines of business selected that your company subscribes to.


Circulars for all major rating service organizations, independent bureaus, workers compensation bureaus as well as state bulletins (New) are available in


Yes, our team will work with your organization to upload and map all historical company data.

There is no limit to the number of users within your organization and permission levels can be set for select users or user groups. i.e. manage, contribute, read-only.