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Over one million state rate and form filings are just a click away at is our online database of insurance rate, rule, and form filings for all 50 states, plus DC. This comprehensive online resource is very powerful, was established over 20 years ago, and has become a very cost-effective option for carriers.

You will see more than the standard SERFF filing description that other sites offer. Our rate and form filing data examiners are all located in the U.S. and review every state insurance filing to capture searchable keywords. We understand important search words the industry typically looks for and build them into our filing descriptions.

Here are some of the highlights of

  • Single field search
  • Multi-level keyword search
  • Program level search
  • Robust filing description
  • One-Click download of complete filings
  • Does not contain duplicate “Group” filings so has less clutter
  • Visit for more information

When you engage with the M&C Team, you will experience unmatched service and guidance to successfully bring your product to market.

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