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Our web-based insurance applications were designed to help companies manage cost and become more efficient with everyday tasks.

Our cloud solutions provide our clients access to workflow tools, project tracking and years of competitive insurance information and industry data.

Over one million state rate and form filings just a click away at is our online database of insurance rate, rule and form filings for all 50 states, plus DC. This comprehensive online resource is very powerful and was established over 20 years ago and has become a very cost-effective option for carriers.
You will see more than the standard SERFF filing description that other sites offer. Our rate and form filing data examiners are all located in the U.S. and review every state insurance filing to capture searchable keywords. We understand important search words the industry typically looks for and build them into our filing descriptions.
Here are some of the highlights of
  • Single field search
  • Multi-level keyword search
  • Program level search
  • Robust filing description
  • One-Click download of complete filings
  • Does not contain duplicate “Group” filings so has less clutter
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Interested in finding out more information and how carriers are responding during this pandemic?

Search our Competitor Filing library for product changes, endorsements and exclusions related to COVID-19 with our new Hot Button COVID Search!

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A workflow solution designed to manage the everyday tasks of monitoring insurance industry bureau circulars.
was created to deliver a web-based interactive solution for monitoring Bureau Circulars. Our compliance and technology teams have spent years developing in an effort to set new standards for companies that need a solution to manage and react quickly to action items issued by various rating bureaus.
We know firsthand how onerous and time consuming the process can be so we developed a user-friendly, cost-effective tool that has been referred to as a “valuable inventive product” for the industry. is definitely a game changer that allows you to define and track customized activities. It provides users the ability to run reports and measure various metrics.

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OneView – State Filing Management Solution

We have designed a powerful state filing tool that provides an advanced solution for companies to track rate, rule and form approvals.

Martin & Company (M&C) has created a modernized way to track all company state filing projects, gain approvals and save time, known as OneView. This secure web-based management solution allows companies to seamlessly track the activity of their state filings and acts as a complete repository for all company filings regardless of SERFF instance. OneView was designed to ease the struggles that carriers face in having to manage multiple technologies and databases and brings it all into one secure location. This state filing solution allows companies to:
  • Track activity of all state filing projects
  • Manage filing documents and forms
  • Receive consolidated e-mail notification of status changes, i.e. approvals
  • On-demand and customizable reports
  • Search sub-menu fields including rate, rule, form and supporting documents
  • Eliminate e-mailing of approved state filings throughout the company
  • Keep all state filings organized in a single and secure repository
  • Manage access of non-SERFF users throughout the organization

OneView is updated daily via export directly from SERFF and is guaranteed to save time and create a simplified overall filing tracking process and repository.  

Contact M&C today to see how OneView can be integrated into your next state filing project. 

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“Thank you so much, we appreciate all you do for us.”— Bradenton, FL