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Stephanie Marlow, WCP, RWCS, CISR Elite, AINS, AIS

Director of Workers Compensation

Stephanie has over 13 years in P&C Insurance and is a Subject Matter Expert for the Workers’ Compensation line of business. Her experience includes identifying trends and opportunities for WC, creating manual rating worksheets, and assistance with the development WC underwriting guidelines. Some of her accomplishments include the implementation of a WC program in all voluntary jurisdictions, implementation of a WC large deductible program, and implementation of a WC territorial rating program.

She is a member of The American Society of Workers Comp Professionals (AMCOMP). Responsibilities have included: Form, Rate & Rule development and state filings, testing and training of system changes, statistical reporting, and researching system/product issues and finding resolutions.

Prior to her insurance career, Stephanie worked for manufacturing companies as their Safety and Environmental Manager. She helped develop and implement safety training manuals and programs, along with providing training to the employees. She was also responsible for any state/federal reporting of workers compensation claims and environmental reports. When she is not working, Stephanie enjoys taking her dog for walks, gardening and enjoying the outdoors.

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