State Filing Services

An industry leader for state filing services in all U.S. jurisdictions, as well as Puerto Rico, Guam and U.S. Virgin Islands.

If you are looking for a vendor partner to support your state filing projects, we have an efficient and responsive onboarding process. We assign a senior analyst to your project who reviews, submits and manages your project from start to finish. M&C's state filing team has decades of experience with all lines of business.

Whether a new or revised program filing, countrywide filing, ongoing maintenance of bureau filings, or a state specific rate filing we have industry experience across all lines of business. If you want to experience our hand-holding level of service or looking for a thought partner ... you have come to the right place.

We take the necessary time up front to plan a proper course of action, and we thoroughly review project cost, deliverables and timelines.  You can also track your project online anytime using our state filings tool.

Assistance with all State Filing Projects

We have an excellent outsourcing model for all state filing projects

We handle the entire state filing process from completion of the transmittals, managing correspondence, addressing interrogatories, all the way through to the approval of the every rate, rule and filing.

To complement our state filing service, M&C can assist with the product development of rates/rules and forms, and our Actuarial Consulting team can provide rate support for the state filing projects.

We keep everything transparent, so there are no surprises. To track your state filing project, you’ll be granted access to our state rate and form filing tool OneView - State Filing Management Solution.

Contact us for a complete solution to your State Filing needs!

SERFF Authorized - Third Party Filer

We submit thousands of rate, rule and form filings every year with extremely positive results.

M&C is an authorized System for Electronic Rate and Form Filing (SERFF) Third-Party Filer.

Our state filing team is very proficient utilizing SERFF and follows the proper industry protocol for all rate and form filing projects. Each member of our team has built trusted relationships at all state insurance departments allowing our state filing team to effectively communicate directly with industry regulators.

We collaborate with our carrier clients to determine the best speed to market approach for each state filing project. Our emphasis is less regulator push back and quicker approvals.

M&C also has the ability to prepare and submit product filings through the Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Commission (IIPRC / Interstate Compact).

Bureau Maintenance

Bureau Maintenance is extremely important and can be very time-consuming.

Our staff has a significant amount of experience with bureau adoption, non-adoption and delay adoption rate and form filings. We work directly with you to determine the proper action to be taken and handle all rate, rule and form filings accordingly.

Bureau maintenance is critical to your business. Our service was specifically designed to assist companies with their compliance initiatives. We can also ensure you have the proper bureau affiliations in place.

Regulatory Requirements and more

We can provide assistance with addressing special regulatory requirements.

Some state filing projects and/or states require additional attention and support to address various regulatory requirements. M&C can assist with those requirements, for example:
  • Flesch Scoring
  • Completion of State Checklists and Certifications
  • Compliance in accordance with the NAIC Model Act and state regulations
  • Name Change
  • State Amendatories
Customer Testimonials
“Great job and great news.  Thank you for all your hard work.”— Chicago, IL