Program Business and Product Development

Program Business and Product Development Services

We create market opportunities for our clients by assisting them in the development of new products and pricing for the launching of new insurance programs.

The development of policy forms and endorsements, as well as rate and rule exception pages can become challenging, but Martin & Company’s Product Development team is very experienced and can assist with your immediate or forecasted projects. We provide assistance with bureau-based insurance products as well as independent/proprietary target market programs. We will prepare and assemble all state specific rate filngs and form filings to bring your product to market.

Competitive Analysis

A Competitive Analysis is often needed to determine your position in the market.

Whether you need a competitive analysis on rates, rules, policy forms or endorsements, Martin & Company can assist at many levels.  We can prepare an analysis on an existing book of business or new program. In addition, we can provide an analysis in response to a DOI request or state interrogatories.

We pull all necessary rate, rule and form filings that are needed for the analysis from, which is the best online rate and form repository in the industry. This is a very reliable site, because It is very important to make certain the most up-to-date rate, rule and form filings are used in your analysis.

Program Initiatives

The launch of a new program is critical. You need to achieve the right rate level and have compliant coverage forms that meet state requirements.

We spend the necessary time up front to evaluate your new program initiative. We work closely with your team to build a countrywide or a state specific manual, as well as all the corresponding forms. Our Product Team also works in conjunction with our in-house Counsel to address the regulatory nuances of each state.

New program initiatives can often be delayed internally due to other demands and resource constraints that a company may have. These delays can be very costly for a new program launch, rollover book or transition plan.

Give us a call today to discuss your new program initiatives.

Rate and Rule Pages / Forms & Endorsements

Drafting manual pages and forms is critical for proper rating and systems implementation.

Martin & Company will help build out either a bureau-based and/or independent program. We certainly have the knowledge and resources to work in a collaborative effort to draft rates, rules, manual pages, and policy forms and provide guidance for developing deviations, rating plans, discounts/surcharges, tier placement criteria, enhancements and much more.

We also provide ongoing maintenance to ensure your product is kept current and in compliance with today’s standards.

Digital Startup Assistance

InsurTech startups need a reliable partner with an open-minded approach.

Martin & Company has become a valuable thought partner to the InsurTech community. With the accelerated growth of digital startups across the insurance space we are engaging with the new wave of tech and marketing companies that want to create an alternative to some of the traditional methods.

We understand the trend for product innovation, outside the box creativity and the need for an empowered group of individuals that can help identify opportunities and reshape some of the old-style approach within the industry.

Speed to Market

Speed to Market is all about market opportunity.

We assist many carriers with their speed to market initiatives who struggle to get new products launched into the marketplace. Today’s business moves fast and you need to be innovative and flexible. Our outsourcing model is very effective and can help you get to market faster.

Additionally, the program business model keeps driving new products to market faster than before and we don’t see that changing in the new future… so get on board and give us a call. Long lead times are a thing of the past and carriers can’t afford to let other aggressive companies beat them to the market.
Customer Testimonials
“Fantastic.  Whoa, it's a California tidal wave of approvals.”— Southfield, MI