Insurance Company Licensing

Licensing for Insurance Carriers and RPGs

Martin & Company’s insurance company licensing unit provides service for all U.S. jurisdictions and works closely with regulators on behalf of our licensing clients to quickly obtain your certificate of authority.

Primary Applications

UCAA Primary Application

Martin & Company’s team will streamline the admissions process and setup a project dashboard to manage the workflow and documents needed for an efficient and timely process. Within the dashboard will be a document library that will store all relevant company licensing documents submitted for any ongoing and past projects.

Our licensing consultants can assist new companies with their initial admission or admitted carriers that want to redomesticate to another state.

Expansion Applications

UCAA Expansion Application

The Expansion Application to the Uniform Certificate of Authority Application (UCAA) is for carriers that wish to expand into one or more Uniform States.

We assist carriers that want to gain admission into new states. Our team of experts collaborate with your team to gather all proprietary information and manage the process through the financial and operational review period.

Corporate Amendments

Corporate Amendment Application

Carriers that want to amend their Certificate of Authority (COA) are required to complete a Corporate Amendment Application. Martin & Company will oversee the application process in order to gain the necessary regulatory approval for modification to the COA.

Legal Counsel

Our Legal Counsel

Martin & Company has Legal Counsel and a group of assistants on staff that will coordinate and manage the entire licensing process from start to finish.

Once the licensing process is complete our consultants can help draft policy language for various lines of business to be sure all forms are compliant and meet the regulatory requirements that each state has in place.

RPG Registration

Registration of an RPG

Martin & Company can assist with the registration of any purchasing group that wishes to do business in any U.S. jurisdiction. We have an organized structure for handling the submission of all documents and any corresponding information needed to gain approval.
Customer Testimonials
“Your team did a marvelous job -- thank you.”— San Francisco Bay Area, CA