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We Have Assembled Some of the Best Talent in the Industry

Martin & Company has assembled a team of professionals that are driven and passionate about our business. We go to great lengths to service and collaborate with our clients to achieve positive results and to solve their challenges.

Arnie Rippener, ACAS

AVP, U.S. Actuarial Practice Leader

Stephanie Marlow, WCP, RWCS, CISR Elite, AINS, AIS

Director of Workers Compensation

John Alizzi

Business Analyst / Project Coordinator

Thomas Bedford

Actuarial Analyst

Andrew Bell

IT Support Specialist

Debbie Boekmeyer

Senior Product & State Filing Specialist

Ashley Brewer

U.S. Project Coordinator and Senior State Filing Analyst

Greg Calhoun

Application Developer

Trish Carey

Senior Product & State Filing Analyst

Larry Wilk, CPCU, AIE, CIDM

Product Compliance Analyst

Nicole Wample, CPCU

U.S. Practice Leader & Senior Compliance & State Filings Analyst

Chris Hackett, CPCU

Insurance Product Development & Legal Analyst

Justin DeAngelis

Vice President of Finance

Christine Dennis

Senior Product & State Filing Analyst

Mark Dreyer

Product & State Filing Analyst

Brenda Eldridge

Senior Regulatory & Product Development Specialist

Kevin Cleary, FCAS

Consulting Actuary

Juli Frank

AVP, U.S. Practice Leader & Product Compliance Analyst

Todd Frazer

Assistant Data Analyst

Melanie Hamm

Assistant Data Analyst

Matthew Heilmann

VP, Director of Business Development

Aaron Hickmann

Chief Technology Officer

Hannah Janney

Consulting Actuary

Paul Johnson

Associate Actuary

Jason Keen

Principal Engineer/Team Lead

Deanna Osmonson Khadem

Senior Product & Compliance Consultant

Tim Kulp

Project Coordinator & Systems Analyst

Julie Lee

Senior Product & Compliance Consultant

Laura Lemke

Senior Compliance & Project Coordinator

Katy Blomgren, ASA, MAAA

Senior Associate Actuary

John Butel, FCAS, MAAA

Consulting Actuary

Brian Elliott, ACAS, MAAA

Consulting Actuary

Benjamin Haynes, FCAS, MAAA

Consulting Actuary

Nick Carey, ACAS, MAAA

Consulting Actuary

Janine MacVey

Product Specialist

Paul P. Martin

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Susan Myers

Senior State Filing & Compliance Analyst

Carrie Najarian

Life & Health Solutions Lead & Senior Actuarial Analyst

Michael Paliev

Steven Palumbo

Assistant Data Analyst

Ramona Lee, ACAS, MAAA, PRM

Senior Associate Actuary

Sonja A. Rodebaugh

Senior VP, Compliance and State Filings

Ally Schell

Assistant State Filing and Licensing Analyst

Raissa Schickel

AVP, U.S. Actuarial Practice Leader

Michael Shay

Senior Systems Analyst

Julidden Smith

Insurance Licensing & Regulatory Specialist

Rob Smith

Client Service Specialist

Doug Swearingen

Compliance Officer

Daiana Thompson

Life & Health – Senior Product & Compliance Consultant

Lorna Williams

State Filing Analyst

Diane Zaborowski

Senior Compliance & State Filings Analyst

When you engage with the M&C Team, you will experience unmatched service and guidance to successfully bring your product to market.

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