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For over a decade the product team at Martin & Company has been directly involved with hundreds of programs and new product launches for many markets. We are a central part of the program business ecosystem because we understand that speed and efficiency are always critical to the success of any program launch.

We have a dedicated team that are seasoned specialists and are disciplined in evaluating the best approach and strategy for any new program or product. Once engaged with our team, you’ll begin to quickly realize you are in very capable hands and with a team that shares the same goals and vision. 

We Understand Programs: 

  • Product Evaluation 
  • Proprietary or Me-Too Approach 
  • Best Case Scenarios 
  • Assist in Evaluating Competition 
  • Actuarial Analysis of Your Program 
  • We Always Finish Strong 
  • Target Markets Member and Key Sponsor 

Product Development:

  • Complete Manual Draft 
  • Develop with the Right Compliance Mindset 
  • Build a Complete Submission Package 
  • Pricing Flexibility 
  • Bureau-Bases or Proprietary 

Competitive Analysis:

  • Coverage Analysis 
  • Policy & Form Comparison 
  • Rate and Rule Comparison 
  • Base Rate or LCM Compare 
  • Unique and Creative Rating Rules 

When you engage with the M&C Team, you will experience unmatched service and guidance to successfully bring your product to market.

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