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Licensing for Insurance Carriers and RPGs 

M&C’s licensing team works closely with insurance carriers to be certain they have the proper authority to write the necessary lines of business for the U.S. jurisdictions they have been granted a certificate of authority (COA). We also work closely with carriers that want to expand their footprint or add lines of business and have a team dedicated to registering Risk Purchasing Groups (RPGs). 

Primary Applications:

  • Assist New Companies with Initial Admission 
  • Carriers That Want to Re-Domesticate to Another State 
  • Streamline the Admissions Process 
  • Dashboard to Manage the Workflow and Documents 
  • Document Library for all Relevant Licensing Data 

Expansion Applications:

  • Work Closely with the State of Domicile 
  • Completion of Uniform Certificate of Authority Application (UCAA) 
  • Meet Minimum Cap and Surplus Requirements 
  • Work With States to Waive Any Seasoning Requirements 
  • Manage Process Through Financial and Operational Review 

Corporate Amendments:

  • Amend COA by Adding Additional Lines of Business 
  • Review Corporate Amendment Application Requirements 
  • Complete Electronic Filings or Hardcopy Filings 
  • Work Closely with Regulators to Gain Approval 

RPG Registration:

  • Registration of Any Purchasing Group 
  • Experience With All U.S. Jurisdictions 
  • Organized Processing of All the Submissions 
  • RPG Applications and Approvals Available Through OneView 

When you engage with the M&C Team, you will experience unmatched service and guidance to successfully bring your product to market.

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