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Our Actuarial Consultants have experience across many markets and all lines of business. 

Martin & Company’s talented group of consultants are very skilled and advise our clients on rate adequacy, pricing scenarios, future planning, and consult on risk selection, trends, and market intelligence. All our actuaries are dedicated, well-informed and continue career development and adhere to professional standards.

Our team are experts in Property & Casualty and Life & Health markets and work closely with organizations so they can make well-informed decisions on all types of programs and new and existing products. Our clients’ pricing needs are always met with our staff’s wealth of information, innovative expertise, and creative pricing solutions. 

Actuarial Highlights: 

  • Multiple Lines and Business Segments 
  • Market Awareness and Trends 
  • Focused on Critical Deadlines 
  • Industry Leader in Workers’ Compensation 
  • Modeling and Ratemaking 
  • Superior Client Experience 

Ratemaking / LCM Development: 

  • Regulatory Requirements 
  • Price / Cost / Profit Relationship 
  • Pricing Short Tail vs. Long Tail Lines 
  • Rating Algorithms / Product Raters 

Rate Filing Support: 

  • Best Approach and Strategy 
  • Understanding Exactly What the Regulator is Requesting 
  • Rate Filing Checklist 
  • Strong Support for Expedited Approvals 
  • In-House Access to Competitor Filings 
  • Rate Impact Analysis 

Product Support:

  • Access to an Enormous Amount of Industry/Market Data 
  • Evaluation of Competitors’ Loss Ratios, Loss Development Data 
  • Determination of Rate Adequacy 
  • Selection of Profit Loads 
  • Investment Income Provisions 
  • Side by Side Comparisons – Current & Proposed Rates
  • Rating Service Organization Deviations  

Workers’ Compensation: 

  • Specialists in Work Comp 
  • Proprietary Models and Templates 
  • Small, Intermediate & Large Deductibles 
  • Retro & Dividend Plans 
  • LRARO’s and Tiered Plans 

Life, Accident, & Health: 

We provide plan design and pricing recommendations based on experience and marketplace knowledge. 

  • Actuarial value certifications 
  • Reserve and IBNR valuations 
  • Analysis of loss experience in support of industry regulations and requirements, including ACA. 

Employee Benefits: 

  • Benefit Strategy & Program Design 
  • Vendor Selection & Management 
  • Benefit Designs 
  • Employee Contribution Analysis 
  • Assist with Cost Modeling 
  • Future Claims Cost Projection 
  • Reserve and IBNR Valuations 
  • Funding Analysis 

When you engage with the M&C Team, you will experience unmatched service and guidance to successfully bring your product to market.

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