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Data Call Notice: Hurricane Idalia Catastrophe Reporting

Posted: September 2023

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) is providing notice to insurers to file a 2023 Catastrophe Reporting Form (CRF) through the Insurance Regulation Filing System (IRFS). OIR is instituting this data call for the purpose of collecting additional claims and other relevant information from insurers related to a natural disaster causing catastrophic damage in the state of Florida.

Florida and Georgia release Hurricane Idalia Claims Compliance Guides

Posted: August 2023

Use the buttons below to learn more about the Hurricane Idalia Claim Compliance Guide for each state.

Relief to Washington Consumers from 2023 Wildfires

Posted: August 2023

The Insurance Commissioner of the state of Washington announces grace periods for nonpayment of premium and temporarily prohibiting cancellation and nonrenewal of property insurance policies. Check out Emergency Order 2023-01 to learn more about the grace periods.

Commissioner King Offers Insurance Tips Ahead of Hurricane Idalia

Posted: August 2023

The Office of Commissioner of Insurance and Safety Fire of Georgia added a New Insurance Press Release urging Georgia consumers to protect themselves and their families both before and after the storm. Learn more about the Press Release below!

Request Regarding Policyholders Affected by the August 2023 Wildfires

Posted: August 2023

Acting Governor Luke and Governor Green issued Proclamations relating to the wildfires in Hawaii and Maui Counties. Check out Memorandum 2023-3A to learn more.

Arizona issues New Law Related to Dog Breeds and Homeowners Insurance

Posted: June 2023

A new law, A.R.S. § 20-1510  will take effect in Arizona on June 30, 2023, with potential implications for dog owners and insurers.

Use this link to learn more about the new law.

Governor Kemp Signs Legislation Giving Insurance Commissioner More Authority Over Auto Rates

Posted: May 2023

Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John F. King announced today that Governor Kemp has signed legislation reforming how private auto insurance rates are filed in Georgia. House Bill 221 gives the Commissioner the ability to review all car insurance rate filings before they go into effect, closing a loophole that insurers had previously exploited to increase rates by as much as 25 percent in a single filing.

Colorado releases Notice of Adoption – Emergency Regulation 23-E-03

Posted: May 2023

The Division would like to provide notice that the Commissioner has adopted emergency regulation 23-E-03. The purpose of this emergency regulation is to protect homeowner policyholders who have suffered a loss during a catastrophic disaster, such as the 2020 Colorado East Troublesome Fire and the 2021 Marshall and Middle Fork Fires, from insurers that cause unreasonable delays in claim handling, which may further delay rebuilding property. Such delays may be further exacerbated by labor and material shortages. Further, this regulation identifies specific acts or practices that may constitute unfair claim settlement practices.

Check out emergency regulation 23-E-03 to learn more.

North Dakota releases Executive Order 2023-04 – Spring Flood Emergency Declaration

Posted: April 2023

The state of North Dakota has experienced a record-breaking snowfall winter season and is facing a delayed snow melt with the potential to result in significant flooding. Different areas in North Dakota have issued emergency declarations to address the flooding and storm impacts.

Check out Executive Order 2023-04 to learn more.

LDI Unveils Comprehensive Market Reforms to Strengthen Housing Stock and Stabilize Market

Posted: April 2023

A suite of comprehensive reforms to Louisiana’s insurance market to stabilize rates for homeowners and build long-term sustainability was just unveiled. The legislative package, which includes legal reforms, strong incentive programs for homeowners and insurers, and a significant investment in FORTIFIED roofing, represents tested policies that directly respond to the insurance crisis. 

The entire press conference can be viewed here.