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Monthly publications that can help grow and protect your book of business by bringing you the latest competitive information in the market

Our publications are the premier source for the most up-to-date rate, rule and form filing information in the Property & Casualty Industry. Each publication is available in both Electronic and/or Paper Format. Corporate Subscriptions are also available.

The Professional Liability Report (PLR)

We have been publishing The Professional Liability Report (PLR) since 1994 and is the ONLY publication of its kind that targets the professional liability market and captures the actual approved filing. This monthly publication provides subscribers detailed carrier information and focuses on delivering valuable content on the hottest new programs in the market. If you are writing or selling professional liability insurance, you must subscribe to this publication today.

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The Pennsylvania Insurance ADVISOR (PIA)

The Pennsylvania Insurance ADVISOR (PIA) is read by hundreds of carriers and agents every month. No other insurance publication will give you rich snippets of information across many lines of business and products in the marketplace. It’s designed to keep you close to the changes occurring daily within your industry. You sure don’t want to be the last to know about something that can affect your book of business so SUBSCRIBE TODAY. Available in paper or electronic format.

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The New York Insurance ADVISOR (NYIA)

The New York Insurance ADVISOR (NYIA) is similar to its sister publication, The Pennsylvania Insurance ADVISOR, but it certainly covers a different market . The New York Insurance market is unquestionably different than other markets so if you are writing business in New York and you are not receiving this publication currently, waste no more time and subscribe today. Like a handful of other states, NY has some unique writing markets and nuances. The NYIA will provide you valuable content that will help you maintain and grow your book of business.

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