Account Management / State Filings Practice Leader

Posted: January 2019

Martin & Company is one of the industry’s leading Consulting & Advisory Firms that offers outsourcing solutions to many Property & Casualty and Life, Accident & Health insurance carriers. We specialize in offering our clients the ability to have greater capacity and efficiency as they introduce new products to market and make revisions to existing products. We are very customer centrix and offer core solutions that are uniquely tailored to service both Carriers and Brokers, as well as new InsureTech startups. These offerings include Competitive Intelligence, State Filings, Regulatory & Compliance, Actuarial Consulting, Product Development & Design and Company Licensing. We are currently looking for an experienced insurance professional with strong communication skills. Below we have highlighted a basic outline of this new position and some must have qualifications.


  • Manage and Coordinate existing clients and projects
  • Onboarding of new clients and project
  • Establish daily / weekly project reviews with analysts
  • Manage client relations to measure needs and performance
  • Develop a full understanding of our data solution offerings
  • Recognize potential gaps in day to day operations that can smooth workflow
  • Maintain and strengthen our corporate culture


Individual Must Have:
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Vision to recognize potential challenges
  • Work with each project leader and establish milestones
  • Communicate with clients to establish realistic and achievable goals
  • Assist with filing approach and strategy
  • Minimum 7 years’ experience within the insurance industry

Customer Testimonials
“Just wanted to say thank you.  Your assitance was greatly appreciated.”— Chicago, IL